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The Town is entering the FY24 budget season with a significant deficit that results from adding critical capacity to school and municipal services during COVID-19.  In addition, Hingham is experiencing the same challenges as many Massachusetts communities where the cost of providing services has outpaced revenue growth allowed under Proposition 2 ½.  

The Town used one-time federal and local reserve funds in FY22 and FY23 to offset these deficits.  As we move away from the pandemic and seek to bridge the funding gap permanently, the Town must either reduce services to balance the FY24 budget or raise recurring revenue through an override to maintain current operations.  

Given this context, the Town will propose an override for the FY24 budget.  To pass, the override will require approval at both Annual Town Meeting on April 24, 2023 and on the ballot at the Annual Town Election on April 29, 2023. 

We’ve compiled information, resources, and FAQs on this page to help community members learn more about the FY24 budget process and override proposal.  We will continue to post additional information and updates below over the next few months.

Override Calculator

We are in the process of developing the Town’s FY24 budget and override proposal.  Once that is complete, we will post a calculator here that residents can use to enter their street address and view the estimated property tax increase that would result from the override.  

Property Tax Relief

The Town continues to expand property tax relief programs and enhance outreach efforts to encourage citizens to take advantage of these resources.  

We offer a number of different property tax relief programs for residents based on age, income, and veteran or disability status. Town staff can help direct you to the right programs and exemptions. The Assessor's Office webpage provides a list of property tax relief programs and contact information to learn more.

In addition, did you know that you may be able to “work off” a portion of your property taxes by completing tasks/projects for Town Departments?  The Town offers both a Senior Tax Workoff Program through the Senior Center and a Veterans’ Tax Workoff Program through our Veterans’ Services Department.  

Not sure where to start? The Assessor’s Office would be happy to help:

Hingham Tax Relief Exemptions and Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently developing the Town’s FY24 budget and override proposal.  We will continue to add to and update the FAQs below as more information becomes available.  

Note - Click the arrow next to each question to view the answer.  If you click the link, you'll be taken to the top of this page.  This is a known bug in the software that is being addressed.

This short video explains how an Override works

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