File of Life

The File of Life is a program that encourages citizens to keep track of vital medical information, allowing emergency responders to access this information quickly in the event of an emergency. The target audience for this program is senior adults. However, the "File of Life" is applicable for people of all ages, especially individuals with medical conditions and developmental disabilities. The Hingham Fire Department supports the "File of Life" in conjunction with the Hingham Senior Center.

Hingham Fire Department's File of Life

Hingham Fire Department's "File of Life" components include:
  • A red magnetic "file" (small plastic case with magnet on the back of it)
  • A summary sheet for medical information
Free File of Life kits are available at any of the 3 Hingham Fire Stations. Any personnel at the Fire Station would be happy to assist you in filling out this form. This information helps us help you.You can also contact Cathy MacDonald, at 781-741-1416, or use our online request form.

The "File of Life" encourages citizens to keep the "file" information in a visible, obvious location in their homes. Possible locations include:
  • On the outside of a refrigerator
  • On a medicine cabinet
  • On an interior residential metal door (the type found in assisted living center)
A few things to remember when using the "File of Life":
  • It is a good idea to record information in pencil. Updates and revisions may be necessary.
  • The information is only useful if it is updated frequently. Participants are urged to maintain current information regarding medications and dosages.
  • The "File of Life" has a spot for marking if the individual has a Comfort Care/DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. The "File of Life" is not a valid Comfort Care/DNR. Participants are advised to record the location of the original Comfort Care/DNR order. However, all current EMS protocols apply. Comfort Care/DNR orders are only valid if they have original signatures of a confirmation from the authorizing Physician.