Treasurer / Collector

Update Due to Coronavirus

The Treasurer/Collector’s office has been closed to the public as part of the Town’s measures to mitigate the spread of the COVIC-19 virus. Our staff is workign and will be monitoring phone calls and will monitor and respond to email and voicemails during the usual work hours.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make every effort to address your concerns and continue to provide the day-to-day assistance that we enjoy and that you are accustomed to.   

Some things you can do to help:

•    Pay your tax bills using the remit envelope enclosed with your bill directly to our lockbox service.

•    Pay Your Tax Bills Online via Invoice Cloud on the town’s website.

•   View and print your tax bills online from Invoice Cloud on the town website.

•    For tax payment history related to income tax returns please check your own records first.  If you are unable to retrieve the information from your personal records we will provide the information by email within the public information statutory request timeline of ten business days. When possible we will certainly respond sooner. 

•    Municipal Lien Certificates: Attorneys, please scan and email a copy of your request to, as first class mail receipt by office may be delayed.  We will make every effort to meet the ten day turnaround with Sales being the highest priority.   We will provide verbals when time is of the essence.

Thank you.   Jean Montgomery, Treasurer/Collector

Services Provided:

The Office of the Treasurer Collector is responsible for the receipt, investment and disbursement of all Town funds.

The Office issues and collects over 35,000 bills annually for real estate tax, personal property tax, motor vehicle excise, and boat excise tax. This office is also responsible for issuing Municipal Lien Certificates, preparation of betterment releases and tax taking instruments.

The Treasurer's Office processes all other types of receipts, disburses all payroll and vendor payments and handles the collection of tax titles (tax liens). The Treasurer is also responsible for the issuance of all short and long term debt.
View or pay your bill online.

Real Estate Tax Due Dates

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1

Additional Services and Information

Please Note:
Address changes for Motor Vehicle Excise Tax bills must be made through the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  An on-line submission form is available on their website at