Conservation Property

There are a number of conservation properties in the Town of Hingham. Some of the more popular properties are listed below. When a property is not managed by the Conservation Commission, the property manager is listed in parentheses after the property name.

View the Rules and Regulations for use of Conservation Commission property.

Planning documents related to the Town's conservation properties are available at the bottom of this page.
*Untended Lands
Property Name
Boulevard Border Park
11.00 Serves as a buffer for heavily traveled Summer Street/George Washington Boulevard
Bouve Conservation Area 32.00 Provides access to Hewitt's Cove
Bradley Pond
2.40 Ice skating
Broad Cove
15.00 Bird watching
Bucken Property
1.38 Adds to natural buffer watershed protection; no formal activities on this land
Bucket Mill Pond*
1.00 Pond life study; bird watching
Burns Memorial Park
24.10 Bird watching; nature photography; walking
Button Island (Harbormaster)*
0.60 Nature observation; picnicking
Chief Justice Cushing Boulevard Border Park
3.50 Open area; buffer from heavily traveled road
Cranberry Pond
Fishing; birding; ice skating
Crooked Meadow River Conservation Land
6.00 Passive exploration of a natural area
David Property
4.90 Shrub swamp
Eel River Woods (HLCT)*
7.20 Nature observation
Fee Pond*
2.50 Ice skating
Foundry Pond
32.00 Fishing; bird watching
Governor Long Bird Sanctuary/Tree Nursery
11.10 Wildlife sanctuary
Hayden Property
2.80 Walking; bird watching
Home Meadows
70.00 Bird watching; nature photography; canoeing/kayaking during flood tides
Langley, Ragged, Sarah and Bumpkin Islands (Harbormaster/NPS)*
12.10 Nature observation; picnicking by boat
Leavitt Street Conservation Land
16.30 Nature study; hiking; horseback riding
Lyfords Lyking
6.63 Birding
Marchesiani Parkland
25.00 Nature study; equestrian trails
McKenna Marsh
100.00 Wildlife observation; hiking
Merrymount Road Conservation Land*
13.40 Nature study
Mildred Cushing Woods*
19.00 Fishing; berry picking; canoeing; row boating; bird watching
More Brewer Park
Walking; horseback riding; cross-country skiing; ice skating
Plymouth River Conservation Land*
93.00 Wildlife habitat; strictly passive use
South School Parcel*
8.00 Nature observation
Swanson Hollow*
5.00 Nature observation
Triphammer Pond
97.80 Hiking; fishing; picnicking; bird watching; ice skating
Turkey Hill (TTOR)
55.00 (30 Hingham and 25 Cohasset)
Scenic resource
Wadleigh's Rill
0.75 Nature study
Whortleberry Hollow (HLCT)
3.00 Hingham Land Trust Conservation Property