Conservation Property

There are over 4,000 acres of protected open space in Hingham, which are owned and managed by the Town, the State, the Hingham Land Conservation Trust (HLCT), and the Trustees of Reservations (TTOR). Popular properties are listed in the table below. If a property is not managed by the Conservation Commission, the property manager is listed in parentheses after the property name.

*Untended Lands
Size (acres)
More Info
Amonte Meadow Conservation Area 3 Nature observation  
Bare Cove Park (BCPC and Select Board) 484 Walking; nature observation; water access Website
Bathing Beach (TBB and Select Board) 6 Swimming; walking; nature observation Website
Bouve Conservation Area 32 Hiking; nature observation; water access  
Bradley Pond* 2 Nature observation  
Broad Cove Conservation Area*
15 Nature observation
Burns Memorial Park Conservation Area
24 Hiking; nature observation Video
Cranberry Pond
Hiking; fishing; ice skating  
Cushing Meadow 4 Agricultural  
Eel River Woods (HLCT)
12 Hiking; nature observation
Fee Pond*
2.5 Hiking; ice skating
Foundry Pond
32 Hiking; fishing; nature observation
Governor Long Bird Sanctuary
11 Hiking; nature observation
Home Meadows*
70 Nature observation
Jacobs Meadow (HLCT) 50 Hiking; nature observation Website
Langlee*, Ragged*, Sarah*, Button* and Bumpkin Islands (Harbormaster/DCR/NPS) 44 Nature observation; picnicking by boat; camping (Bumpkin only) Website
Leavitt Street Conservation Land*
16 Hiking
Lehner Conservation Area 51 Hiking; nature observation Video
Lyford's Lyking*
7 Nature observation
Marchesiani Farmlands
25 Hiking; equestrian trails; nature observation  
McKenna Marsh
100 Hiking; nature observation  
Mildred Cushing Woods Conservation Area*
19 Hiking; fishing; nature observation; water access  
More-Brewer Park and Brewer Reservation
Hiking; equestrian trails; nature observation; cross-country skiing
Old Swamp River Conservation Area* 14 Nature observation  
Plymouth River Lands (multiple Town departments)*
93 Nature observation; some trails are maintained
Stodder's Neck (DCR) 39 Walking; nature observation; water access Website
Town Forest (Select Board) 108 Hiking; nature observation  
Triphammer Pond Conservation Area
98 Hiking; equestrian trails; nature observation; fishing
Turkey Hill (TTOR)
Hiking; nature observation; scenic vista
Whitney and Thayer Woods (TTOR) 824 Hiking; nature observation Website
Whortleberry Hollow (HLCT)
13 Hiking; nature observation
Wompatuck State Park (DCR) 3002 Hiking; biking; equestrian trails; cross-country skiing; water access; camping Website
World's End (TTOR) 251 Hiking; nature observation; water access Website