Emergency Planning Guide

Federal Emergency Management Agency Guide
The publication from the Federal Emergency Management Agency "Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness," is available through FEMA. To obtain a copy of this book, you should call 800-480-2520. The guide is also available to order online for free.

This book answers questions you may have, why you should prepare for a disaster, general preparedness information, natural hazards, technological and man-made hazards, disaster Public education websites and independent study courses. The soft cover book contains 102 pages of information your family needs to prepare for emergencies. FEMA will mail only one copy per family. There is no charge for this important publication. We highly recommend that each family in Hingham obtain a copy. Please feel free to call us at 781-741-1416, or 781-749-2424, if you have any further questions about emergency planning.