Decision Guidelines

A. All Proposals Must Meet Certain Threshold Requirements
  • Completeness
  • Eligibility for funding under the Community Preservation Act
  • Feasibility within reasonable time frame
  • Compliance with legal, zoning and other Town board or committee requirements
  • Benefits the Town at large
The Committee Reviews Each Project Using the Following Criteria:
  • Mature - Project is fully developed and does not need further definition
  • Stands Alone - This project does not commit the CPC to future initiatives?
  • Time Sensitive - Opportunity will be lost if we fail to act
  • Alternative Capital - No other capital sources would be available to fund the project
  • Leverages - The value of the CPA capital is multiplied through other contributions
  • Long Term Plan - Part of an integrated long-term plan by proponent
B. Proposals Rank Higher if They:
  • Preserve community character have demonstrated level of community support
  • Are consistent with the Town's Master Plan
  • Serve more than 1 CPA purpose
  • Save a resource that would otherwise be lost
  • Leverage other public or private funds
  • Show that the project will achieve its goal and is feasible, cost effective and prudent
  • Create incentive for private projects
  • Are supported by the relevant Town boards or committees
C. Specific Category Projects Rank Higher if They:
Community Housing
  • Contribute to 10% Chapter 40B affordability goal
  • Ensure affordability in perpetuity
  • Promote reuse of existing buildings or new construction in previously developed areas
  • Give priority to current or former residents and qualified Town employees
  • Convert market rate housing to affordable rental or owner occupied housing
  • Are affordable by persons or families with annual incomes less than 80% of the area-wide median income
Historic Preservation
  • Preserve Town owned historic resources
  • Preserve the exterior or structural integrity of endangered historic resources owned by non-profit organizations
  • Preserve endangered structures and features, such as barns, outbuildings and fences that are important to the Town's character
  • Preserve historic landscapes or enhance the public's ability to use and enjoy such landscapes
Open Space & Recreation
  • Protect water resources
  • Preserve Hingham's character
  • Abut or link up existing conservation lands
  • Provide or improve public access to open space, especially waterfront and shorelines, rivers and streams
  • Preserve or enhance distinctive streetscapes, views or vistas
  • Preserve important wildlife or vegetation habitat
  • Provide needed active or passive recreational opportunities
  • Are consistent with Hingham's Open Space Plan