Comprehensive Trails Plan Committee


  • 7 p.m.


Members of the Committee include:
  • Faith Burbank, Weir River Estuary Park Committee
  • Ron Clough, Hingham Resident
  • Lea Concannon, Hingham High School Student
  • Patti Coyle, Weir River Estuary Park Committee
  • Vicki Donlan, Recreation Board
  • Michael Ide, Conservation Commission
  • Don Kidston, Hingham Land Conservation Trust
  • Greg Lane, Hingham Development and Industrial Committee
  • Ariana McBride, Hingham Resident
  • Carolyn Nielsen, Open Space Acquisition Committee
  • Stod Rowley, Hingham High School Student
  • Bob Smaldone, Bare Cove Park Committee
  • Walter Sullivan, Jr., Planning Board
About the Committee
A committee composed of representatives from Town Boards and Commissions, Town Committees and citizen volunteers has been established to assist in and guide the development of the comprehensive trail plan.

The goal of the plan is to provide our community with a strategy to:
  • Maintain and manage the trails we have today.
  • Create new trails to connect natural resources and destinations around town.
  • Provide recreational opportunities that are accessible to the community and our diversity of trail users.
  • Support alternative transportation options throughout Hingham.trails1