Hingham Youth Tennis

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Spring/Summer 2019: Hingham Youth Tennis

More than thirty million Americans play tennis.  Combining strength, speed, endurance and strategy, it is a sport that attracts players from ages 3 to 93.  Hingham Recreation wants to foster the skills and desire fundamentals for a lifelong relationship with one of the world's most popular sports.  Our tennis pros have created a program designed for everyone from beginners to advanced players.  In each of the levels, the two-pronged approach is made up of:

1. Guided instruction: focus on form, strategy and structure
2. Gameplay: Applying the skills learned during instruction into fun and meaningful games

Additionally, participants will also engage in "team" challenges to encourage a foundation of teamwork and foster good sportsmanship.

Each child is evaluated during the first week for placement.  The Pro and Assistant will then create even-skilled teams (3 or 6 kids per team).  Age-appropriate balls will be provided; each child must have his/her own racquet.  There will be a maximum of 18 kids for 6 courts.  . 

For more information, contact the Rec Department at 781-741-1464.