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Site Plan Approval for Hingham High School Athletic Complex Renovations Phase II
Applicant:    Hingham School Committee
210 Central Street

Project Site:    17 Union Street
                          Hingham Assessor’s Map/Lot:  90-0-112; 100-0-63; 100-0-61; 101-0-8
On March 11, 2013, the Planning Board issued a Notice of Decision in connection with the Application of the Hingham School Committee (“Applicant” or “School Committee”) for Site Plan Review under Sections I-H and III-B.8 of the Hingham Zoning By-Law, subject to and with the benefit of the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 40A, Section 3 commonly known as the “Dover Amendment.”
By letter dated March 14, 2013 and submittal of plans with revised a drainage system, the Applicant requested approval of (a) the drainage system proposed for the Project as required under Condition #1 of the Notice of Decision and (b) modifications to the amenities building.
A public hearing of the Planning Board was held on March 18, 2013 to consider the requests.  The Applicant was represented by: Caryl Falvey, Chairman of the School Committee and various other School Committee members; Attorney Jeffrey Tocchio of Drohan, Tocchio and Morgan, P.C., and William Seymour, PE, and Peter Spanos, Civil Engineer, of Gale Associates.  The Planning Board hearing was conducted by Judy Sneath, Paul Healey, Gary Tondorf-Dick and William Ramsey.  The Planning Board also consulted with John Chessia of Chessia Consulting Services, LLC (civil engineering), who acted as consultant to the Planning Board pursuant to Section I-I (2) of the Zoning By-Law. 
With respect to the drainage system for the Project, the Planning Board noted in its Findings in the Notice of Decision that the design of the drainage, including drainage for the parking areas was not complete, and conditioned construction of the Project on approval by the Board of revised plans demonstrating satisfaction of minimum drainage standards (see Condition #1 of the Notice of Decision).  In the interim between the Planning Board’s closing of the original hearing and its hearing on March 18, 2013, the Applicant also completed its hearing process with the Hingham Conservation Commission during which hearing modifications and improvements were made to the drainage system that would satisfy the requirements of the state and local wetland regulations.  Those modifications and improvement, together with certain clarifications necessary to comply with the Hingham Zoning By-Law storm water requirements, were reviewed and recommended by John Chessia to the Planning Board.  The improvements include an increase in the size of the subsurface stormwater systems under the “far parking lot” and the replacement of a 24” pipe in the culvert under Union Street with a 30” pipe.  The Applicant’s representatives from Gale Engineering testified to the Board that the proposed improvements would improve positive drainage and should prevent surcharge onto the multi-purpose playing field and from drainage manholes on the Project site in a ten-year storm event and thus satisfied the requirements of Condition #1 of the Notice of Decision.  In response to a question from the Board, the Applicant’s consultant also stated that the modifications to the drainage system did not affect the design of the far lot parking area in any material respects.
The Applicant also described the proposed changes to the amenities building.  The amenities building shown on the approved plans under the Notice of Decision was 42 x 59.  The modified amenities building will be 42 x 54 and will include an overhang of 15 x 42 over an area already intended to be an impervious paved surface.  Although the number bathroom fixtures for men and women were decreased, the modified design will include, in addition to the main men’s and women’s restrooms, two separate (one for males, one for females) single-fixture accessible restrooms which will allow restroom facilities to be available during practices and smaller events when the larger restrooms are not needed.  The primary uses in the amenities building have not changed and will include the restrooms, a concession stand and storage. A janitor’s closet has also been added.
It was noted by the Board that the plan set submitted with the request for the modification approvals was not fully consistent with the final plan set approved by the Board in the Notice of Decision and the Board informed the Applicant that a full set of revised plans would be required which included all changes from the revision date of January 22, 2013 previously reviewed and approved by the Board.
Upon closing of the public hearing, the Planning Board made the following findings:
A.    Subject to the conditions set forth below, the revised drainage system proposed for the Project satisfies the requirements of Condition #1 of the Notice of Decision.
B.    The proposed changes to the amenities building did not result in any material changes to the Project as approved under the Notice of Decision.
It was moved, seconded and unanimously SO VOTED:  To approve the proposed modifications to the drainage system and the amenities building described in that certain Notice of Decision, dated March 11, 2013 (“Original Decision”) issued to the Hingham School Committee for the Project described therein, subject to the following conditions:
A.    A final set of plans shall be submitted showing all changes to the “Hingham High School Athletic Complex Renovation – Phase II” plans, revised through 1/22/2013, approved by the Original Decision, including all changes required under Section 2 of the Original Decision and as a part of the Order of Conditions issued by the Conservation Commission in connection with the Project.
B.    Condition #1 of the Original Decision is hereby replaced in its entirety with the following:
1A.    The plan details shall include elevations consistent with the drainage calculations. Specifically, the field cross section shall specify the base stone elevation of 31.08, in addition to the data indicated. Subsurface systems shall include elevations of the bottom of stone, pipe inverts, etc. consistent with the calculations. Outlet structure shall include inverts, pipe sizes, etc.
1B.    A final set of calculations shall be provided for record purposes, including all changes made as part of the Order of Conditions issued by the Conservation Commission.
1C.    The 30” flared end of the outlet structure under Union Street will have a grate to prevent access into the pipe consistent with Department of Public Works requirements.
Except as specifically modified by this Amendment, the Notice of Decision, dated March 11, 2013, remains in full force and effect.

Judith S. Sneath
Chairman, Hingham Planning Board
EXECUTED this ____ day of March, 2013

EXECUTED this _____ day of March, 2013
Plymouth, ss                                  March _____, 2013
Then personally appeared Judy Sneath, Chairman of the Hingham Planning Board, and acknowledged the foregoing to be the free act and deed of said Board.

Karen M. Clancy, Notary Public                    My Commission Expires:  July 22, 2016