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Special Permit A3 (Parking Determination)

IN THE MATTER OF: Certified Mail# 7014 2120 0003 3809 8686

Applicant: Jeanine Reardon/East Celebrity Elite, Inc.

Premises: 3 Pond Park
Hingham, MA 02043

Date: May 17, 2016

Background and Discussion
The Board held a duly noticed public hearing on May 16, 2016. Planning Board members present included Sarah H. Corey, Chair, Judith Sneath, Clerk, William Ramsey, and Jennifer Gay Smith. Associate Member Richard Cook was seated on this application. The Applicant team included Jeanine Reardon, Puffy Sweeney and Richard Beal, Perry Brokerage Associates.

Project Description
The Application before the Board at this time is a Special Permit A3 Parking Determination under §V-A of the Zoning By-Law in association with the application to locate a health club, specifically a cheer and tumbling facility, in 3 Pond Park located in the Industrial Park and South Hingham Overlay Districts.

The Applicant proposes to occupy the space formerly occupied by CrossFit. The Board discussed the April 6, 2015 Site Plan which has the current parking table. There are 81 spaces total. 17 for Bradford Distillery, 15 for Challenge Rocks, 14 were allocated to CrossFit Gym, and 21 allocated to warehousing, which leaves 14 “surplus” spaces on site to support future changes in tenancy. Elite Cheer anticipates a parking demand of 15 spaces, so that would still result in a surplus of 13 spaces on site.

Special Permit A3 findings per Section V-A, 6 in the By-law:
a) The parking is sufficient in quantity to meet the needs of the proposed project;
• There is a sufficiency of parking on site to serve all uses.
• This facility operates mostly in the evening and weekend which is off-peak for the warehousing facilities.
• The use has the support of the landlord.
• With the location of this use, expecting to use 15 spaces, there are still 13 “surplus” parking spaces available to support future changes in tenancy of other units.

b) Pedestrian access and circulation has been provided for;


c) New driveways have been designed to maximize sightline distances to the greatest extent possible;

Not applicable – developed site

d) It is impractical to meet these standards and that a waiver of these regulations will not result in or worsen parking and traffic problems on-site or on the surrounding streets, or adversely affect the value of abutting lands and buildings and

The Board finds that adequate parking exists on site to support this use.

e) The granting of relief is consistent with the intent of this By-Law and will not increase the likelihood of accident or impair access and circulation.


The Board then Moved, Seconded and SO VOTED to Approve the Special Permit A3 parking determination for Jeanine Reardon/East Celebrity Elite, Inc. at 3 Pond Park as presented in the application and at the hearing, finding that there is sufficient parking on site to support this use.