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Site Plan Review in Association with a Special Permit A2 and Special Permit A3

Certified Mail #7014 2120 0003 3809 9164

Applicant: Bradford A. Selland
Bradford Distillery LLC

Premises: 3 Pond Park Road
Hingham, MA 02043

Date: September 28, 2016

Re: Addition of Accessory Retail Use to Existing Distillery

Summary of Proceedings
At a duly noticed public hearing at the meeting of September 26, 2016, Planning Board members Judith S. Sneath, Chairman, William C. Ramsey, Clerk, Sarah H. Corey, Gary Tondorf-Dick, and Jennifer Gay Smith heard the application of Bradford Selland for Site Plan Review under § I-G and § I-I and a Special Permit A3 parking determination under § V-A of the Zoning By-Law and such other relief as necessary to operate an accessory retail use in an existing distillery located at 3 Pond Park Road in the Industrial Park and South Hingham Development Overlay District. Bradford Selland presented the applications and answered questions for the Board. Richard Beal, Senior Vice President, AW Perry, was also present in support of the application.

Project Description
Mr. Selland stated that he would like to convert the front room to a retail sales and tasting room. There is a handicapped accessible bathroom immediately adjacent to the room, which can be used by the public. He would like to sell hats, t-shirts and packaged vodka, as well as do tours of the facility. He anticipated 4-6 people at a time for the tours, and will only offer them between
4 pm-8 pm on Thursday and Friday and 10 am-6 pm on Saturday. The Board stated that this had been presented to them before, and Mr. Selland confirmed that it had. It has always been his vision to do this, but they wanted to get everything else up and running first. Board members expressed support and discussed the existing site. The Applicant explained that they have 17 parking spaces currently allocated for their use, and they never occupy more than 3 spaces at a time. They also have 14 spaces on site that are not allocated to any one use, which can be shared if needed. The Board felt that there was sufficient parking available for this proposed limited accessory use. The Board congratulated the Applicant on his success.

Findings and Decision
After additional discussion the Board reviewed the Site Plan Review Criteria, and made the following findings:

a. protection of abutting properties against detrimental uses by provision for surface water drainage, fire hydrant locations, sound and site buffers, and preservation of views, light and air, and protection of abutting properties from negative impacts from artificial outdoor site lighting
Not applicable

b. convenience and safety of vehicular and pedestrian movement within the site and on adjacent streets; the location of driveway openings in relation to traffic or to adjacent streets, taking account of grades, sight distances and distances between such driveway entrances, exits and the nearest existing street or highway intersections; sufficiency of access for service, utility and emergency vehicles;
Not applicable

c. adequacy of the arrangement of parking, loading spaces and traffic patterns in relation to the proposed uses of the premises; compliance with the off-street parking requirements of this By-Law;
The Board found that the existing 17 spaces are sufficient to meet the needs of the use. They said a condition of approval would be that an updated site plan with revised parking table must be submitted to the Planning Office.

d. adequacy of open space and setbacks, including adequacy of landscaping of such areas;
Not applicable

e. adequacy of the methods of disposal of refuse and other wastes resulting from the uses permitted on the site
The wastes are converted to fertilizer. There is also an existing dumpster on site.

f. prevention or mitigation of adverse impacts on the Town’s resources, including, without limitation, water supply, wastewater facilities, energy and public works and public safety resources;
Not applicable

g. assurance of positive storm water drainage and snow-melt run-off from buildings, driveways and from all parking and loading areas on the site, and prevention of erosion, sedimentation and storm water pollution and management problems through site design and erosion controls in accordance with the most current versions of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Storm Water Management Policy and Standards, and Massachusetts Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines.
Not applicable

h. protection of natural and historic features including minimizing: the volume of cut and fill, the number of removed trees of 6 inches caliper or larger, the removal of stone walls, and the obstruction of scenic views from publicly accessible locations;
Not applicable

i. minimizing unreasonable departure from the character and scale of buildings in the vicinity or as previously existing on or approved for the site.
Not affected

The Board then Moved, Seconded and So Voted to APPROVE the Site Plan Review in conjunction with both the existing Special Permit A2 and a Special Permit A3 Parking Determination, to allow the addition of accessory retail use to Bradford Distillery, as presented at the hearing, with the following conditions:

1. An updated site plan with revised parking table must be submitted to the Planning Office.

Town of Hingham Planning Board

Judith S. Sneath, Chairman

Cc: Town Clerk, Building Department, ZBA, Assessors, Richard Beal, AW Perry