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December 1, 2016

James E. Bristol, III
Bristol Brothers Development Corp. Certified Mail #7014 2120 0003 3809 9386
190 Old Derby Street, Suite 3111
Hingham, MA 02043

Re: “Weathervane at Chestnut Gardens” Flexible Residential Development, 119 and 137 Beal Street

Plan Reference:
“Definitive Flexible Residential Development Plan”, Weathervane at Chestnut Gardens, Hingham, Massachusetts, December 15, 2005, revised through September 24, 2012, prepared by BSC Group, Norwell, Massachusetts, including Sheets 1-21; and Lotting Plan.


I, Judith S. Sneath, Chairman, certify that at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Hingham Planning Board held on November 21, 2016, the Planning Board made the following vote:

SO VOTED: To Extend the time for the completion of work to December 1, 2017.

Judith S. Sneath, Chairman
Hingham Planning Board

cc: Town of Hingham: Building Department, Clerk, Conservation Commission, DPW, Selectmen, Sewer Commission


EXECUTED this _____ day of December, 2016

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Plymouth, ss December ____, 2016

Then personally appeared Judith S. Sneath, Chairman of the Hingham Planning Board, and acknowledged the foregoing to be the free act and deed of said Board.

Dolores A. DeLisle, Notary Public My Commission Expires March 4, 2020