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Special Permit A3 (Parking Determination)

Certified Mail #7014 2120 0003 3809 9379

20 Winthrop Square, 5th floor
Boston, MA 02110

Premises: 10 and 0 Shipyard Drive
Hingham, MA 02043

Date: December 30, 2016

Summary of Proceedings
At a duly noticed public hearing at the meeting of November 21, 2016, Planning Board members Judith Sneath, Chairman, William C. Ramsey, Sarah Corey, Gary Tondorf-Dick, and Jennifer Gay Smith heard the application of PERRY BAC SHIPYARD, LLC, 20 Winthrop Square, Boston, MA, has applied for a minor modification of the Special Permit A3 parking determination granted under § V-A of the Zoning By-Law and such other relief as necessary, to allow the modification of the approved interior garage parking space dimension to 18’ without wheel-stops or overhang, where 20’ is required at 10 AND 0 SHIPYARD DRIVE in the Industrial District. The Applicant team included Jeffrey Tocchio, DTM; Scott Golding, DTM; Buzz Constable, Executive Vice President, AW Perry; and Rodney King, AW Perry.

Project Description
The applicant team explained that the request for a minor modification was relative to the design and layout of the internal covered parking underneath the parking deck at the project to increase the parking count from 88 to 99 and alter the interior parking space dimension to 18’ in length without wheel stops. The number and configuration of exterior spaces remains unchanged. The interior columns impinge upon the width of the parking spaces, and that was seen as a further constraint to turning movements. The Board discussed at length the turning movements within the garage and felt that all spaces needed to have the full 9’ in width and the travel aisles should not be reduced in width in order to ensure, as much as possible, that the reduction to 18’ in length for parking spaces would still allow for adequate maneuvering into and out of parking spaces.

The Board considered the request to waive Site Plan Review because the changes are internal to the parking garage and don’t affect the rest of the site plan. The Board then Moved, Seconded and SO VOTED to WAIVE Site Plan Review in association with the Special Permit A3.

a) The parking is sufficient in quantity to meet the needs of the proposed project;
Yes. Granting this modification is not to the detriment of the parking ratio, which will not be below the required 2.0 spaces/unit.

b) Pedestrian access and circulation has been provided for;
Yes. Nothing has changed from the original approval regarding pedestrian circulation.

c) New driveways have been designed to maximize sightline distances to the greatest extent possible;
N/A – no new driveways are proposed. Design matches approved design, which complied.

d) It is impractical to meet these standards and a waiver of these regulations will not result in or worsen parking and traffic problems on-site or on the surrounding streets, or adversely affect the value of abutting lands and buildings;

e) The granting of relief is consistent with the intent of this By-Law and will not increase the likelihood of accident or impair access and circulation;
Yes. Travel aisles will not be reduced in width and each space is to be 9’wide for the entire width.

The Board then Moved, Seconded and SO VOTED to APPROVE the modification to the Special Permit A3 parking determination, with the waiver allowing the reduction in the length of the parking spaces to 18’ without wheel stops, provided each space has 9’ in width for the entire length and that the travel aisles must not be reduced in width, because the change does not materially affect the Board’s original approval or findings.

Town of Hingham Planning Board,

Judith S. Sneath, Chairman

Cc: Town Clerk, J. Tocchio, DTM