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Certified Mail #7016 3010 0000 2614 2331


Special Permit A3

Applicant: South Shore Industrial Park Trust
20 Winthrop Square
Boston, MA 02110

Project Site: 4 Pond Park Road
Hingham, MA

Plan References: “South Shore Industrial Park Trust 4 Pond Park Road Hingham, MA” prepared by CHA, dated 1/2/18, revised to 1/24/18, 11 sheets.

On January 2, 2018, South Shore Industrial Park Trust (the “Applicant”) filed an application (“Application”) for a Site Plan Review under §I-G and §I-I in conjunction with Special Permit A3 parking waivers under §V-A of the Zoning By-Law and such other relief as necessary to allow a re-tenanting with associated drainage and accessibility improvements to the existing building at 4 Pond Park, in the Industrial Park and South Hingham Development Overlay District. A public hearing of the Planning Board was duly noticed and held on January 29, 2018, continued to January 30, 2018. The Applicant was represented by Richard Beal, Executive Vice President, AW Perry, Gabe Crocker and Scott Arnold, CHA, Steve Larocce, Larocce Architecture, Jay Pasquale. The Planning Board hearing was conducted by Gordon Carr, Alternate Member Ted Matthews, Jennifer M. Gay Smith and William Ramsey.

Mr. Beal explained that this project consists of site and architectural improvements associated with the re-tenanting of the building which was built in 1980 and has been vacant since late 2015. This site is immediately adjacent to the Bone & Muscle Center. The site improvements include reconfiguring traffic circulation and restriping the parking lot, adding selective landscape elements, architectural improvements, improved accessibility and egress, and water quality improvements. The Applicant explained that the site could be striped to provide 78 parking spaces where 154 are required. To build more would be more drastic site intervention and the Applicant felt that was not needed at this time. If there proves to be a deficiency of parking they will return to the Board to modify their permit. The Board reviewed the improvements to the site and were supportive of the proposed scope of the work.

The Board discussed the following waivers and made findings:
1. Section V-A.2 to allow 78 spaces where 154 are required
a. Finding: Applicant feels that the existing parking is sufficient and does not want to build more at this time. One reason for granting parking waivers is to not require the “over-paving” of a site.
b. Finding: Meeting the current parking standards for quantity of spaces would require more extensive site alteration for the re-tenanting of this existing office building. The proponent feels that the existing parking will be sufficient, and, if it proves not to be they will return for a site plan modification, or, proposed shared parking with an adjacent property in the same ownership.

2. V-A.5.g – to not require curb stops
3. V-A.3 to allow less than 24’ driveways in parking lots with 90 degree parking
a. Finding: Existing parking lot, low speed travel in the area
4. V-a.5.l to allow greater than 4% maximum parking lot grade and to allow existing sheet flow drainage to remain
a. Finding: Existing parking lot design, drainage being improved as part of this project, existing facility being upgraded and returned to tax rolls.

After discussion the Board moved, seconded and so voted to approve the waivers.

a) The parking is sufficient in quantity to meet the needs of the proposed Project;

The Board found that a waiver is required to accept 78 spaces where 154 are required.
b) Pedestrian access and circulation has been provided for;

The Board found that Fire department comments from September 19, 2017 and November 27, 2017 must be satisfied prior to issuance of building permit.

c) New driveways have been designed to maximize sightline distances to the greatest extent possible;

The Board found that the sight distances exceed requirements. Sightlines are existing, and not hindered by vegetation. The Fire department comments from September 19, 2017 and November 27, 2017 must be satisfied prior to issuance of building permit. The Supplemental certifications noted in the November 17, 2017 letter from Amory Engineering must be responded to prior to issuance of a building permit. We have received a revised engineered submittal but are conditioning this item to ensure sufficiency. The Board also found that the lot is burdened by an existing easement for the adjacent property.

d) It is impractical to meet these standards and that a waiver of these regulations will not result in or worsen parking and traffic problems on-site or on the surrounding streets, or adversely affect the value of abutting lands and buildings; and

The Board found that this is not applicable.

e) The granting of relief is consistent with the intent of this By-Law and will not increase the likelihood of accident or impair access and circulation.

The Board found that this project reduces impacts to resource areas by minimizing site disturbance.

Upon a motion made by Jennifer M. Gay Smith and seconded by William Ramsey, the Board voted 4-0 to APPROVE the Special Permit A3 as presented at the hearing and shown on the plans titled as shown on plans titled “South Shore Industrial Park Trust 4 Pond Park Road Hingham, MA“ prepared by CHA, dated 1/2/18 , revised to 1/24/18, 11 sheets, based on the findings included in the Board’s deliberations, with the waivers and subject to the following conditions:
1. Applicant shall provide the Board, through staff, a parking utilization analysis at 12 months post Certificate of Occupancy. If parking is not adequate applicant shall apply to modify the Special Permit A3 to meet parking needs.

Jennifer M. Gay Smith
Chairman, Hingham Planning Board
EXECUTED this ____ day of February, 2018

In favor: Matthews, Carr, Gay Smith, Ramsey
Opposed: none

Cc: Clerk, Fire, Police, Assessor, Conservation, BOH, Building, Gabe Crocker


EXECUTED this ______ day of February, 2018


Plymouth, ss February _____, 2018

Then personally appeared Jennifer M. Gay Smith, Chairman of the Hingham Planning Board, and acknowledged the foregoing to be the free act and deed of said Board.

Mary F. Savage-Dunham, Notary Public
My Commission Expires: October 29, 2021