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Site Plan Review

Applicant: Lawrence J. Russo
12 Beacon Street #3
Stoneham, MA 02180

Project Site: 335 Lincoln Street
Hingham, MA

Plan References: “SITE PLAN SET RUSSO MARINE 335 LINCOLN STREET HINGHAM, MA” prepared for 291 MYSTIC LLC 10 HUTCHINSON DRIVE DANVERS, MA 01923, prepared by Cavanaro Consulting, dated 12/12/17, revised to 2/5/18, 3 sheets.

On December 13, 2017, Lawrence J. Russo (the “Applicant”) filed an application (“Application”) for a Site Plan Review under §I-G and §I-I in conjunction with a Special Permit A2 under Section IV-A as well as a Special Permit A3 Parking Determination and/or waivers under §V-A of the Zoning By-Law and such other relief as necessary to allow the construction of a building for boat sales, repair and storage over an existing foundation, at Russo Marine, 335 Lincoln Street, zoned Industrial. A public hearing of the Planning Board was duly noticed and held on January 16, 2018, continued to January 30, 2018, and further continued to February 12, 2018. The Applicant was represented by John Cavanaro, Cavanaro Consulting, and Lawrence Russo. The Planning Board hearings were conducted by Gordon Carr, Sarah Corey, Jennifer M. Gay Smith and William Ramsey. The peer review engineer for the Board was Suzanne King, PE, BL Companies.

Mr. Cavanaro presented the proposal to for the construction of a new building over an existing foundation on the existing 3.1 acre site for boat sales, repair and storage. This building complements the existing use on the site and is intended to allow the activities that are currently taking place in the open, namely, boat sales, storage and repair to occur inside, protected from the elements. A rigging area is proposed behind the new storage building over the existing footings proposed to be removed. The existing paved driveways that access the east and west sides of the existing foundation will be widened to serve the doors proposed along the east and west sides of the new detached building. The existing wooden boardwalk is proposed to be replaced in kind and in place and extended to encompass the entire front (south) side of the new detached building. The front parking lot will be connected to the driveway that accesses the west doors of the new detached building. There will be 11 parking spaces in the parking area closed to Lincoln Street, and, within the fenced in portion of the site adjacent to Essington Drive and additional 11 parking spaces will be added. The spaces within the fenced area are intended for employees, while the 11 spaces at the front of the parcel are primarily intended to serve the public and any visitors to the site. Sales are primarily done by appointment. The Board discussed the large size of the building at length and asked the applicant to consider how the visually break up the massing of the building. Ultimately the applicant proposed adding landscaping along Lincoln Street, and photographic murals on the face of the building. There will also be boat display along the front of the building, further breaking up the massing. The Board discussed the limited amount of parking being provided, as well as the potential for cut through traffic. Although these items were considered by the Board, they worked with the applicant to mitigate concerns by identifying potential conditions for the approval. After lengthy discussions at the three hearings the Board reviewed the site plan review criteria, as follows.

Based on the information submitted and presented during the hearing, and subject to satisfaction of the conditions set forth below, the Board made the following findings under Section I-I, 6 of the By-Law:
a. protection of abutting properties against detrimental uses by provision for surface water drainage, fire hydrant locations, sound and site buffers, and preservation of views, light and air, and protection of abutting properties from negative impacts from artificial outdoor site lighting;

The Board found that the Fire Department comments of 1/8/18 have been agreed to or responded to on to the plans, and that the Applicant has stated there will be minimal additional outside site lighting but is willing to have dark sky compliant lighting. The Board also found that the Applicant is relying on existing off-site landscaped buffers as opposed to installing landscaped buffers along Essington Drive and Shipyard Drive. The Board found that the trees conditioned in site plan review criteria d serve as sound and site buffers along Lincoln Street.

b. convenience and safety of vehicular and pedestrian movement within the site and on adjacent streets; the location of driveway openings in relation to traffic or to adjacent streets, taking account of grades, sight distances and distances between such driveway entrances, exits and the nearest existing street or highway intersections; sufficiency of access for service, utility and emergency vehicles;

The Board found that the parking lot affords new through traffic (in a circuitous way) from Lincoln Street to the Shipyard. If cut through traffic becomes a problem in the opinion of the applicant or the Chief of Police, a deterrent may be needed.

c. adequacy of the arrangement of parking, loading spaces and traffic patterns in relation to the proposed uses of the premises; compliance with the off-street parking requirements of this By-Law;

The Board found that a parking determination (that sufficient parking has been provided) is needed, and that frequent parking of cars outside of designated parking spaces would indicate additional parking is needed.

d. adequacy of open space and setbacks, including adequacy of landscaping of such areas;

The Board found that Trees have been added along Lincoln Street to the site plan to help break up the massing of the building. Due to the high salt content in the road spray the trees will require winterizing first few years after planting to ensure survival. Trees shall be planted no closer than 5’ to the sidewalk.

e. adequacy of the methods of disposal of refuse and other wastes resulting from the uses permitted on the site

The Board found that Sewer Department comments of 1/9/18 shall be conditions of any approval.

f. prevention or mitigation of adverse impacts on the Town’s resources, including, without limitation, water supply, wastewater facilities, energy and public works and public safety resources;

The Board found that the HMLP requires an easement as detailed in 1/3/18 comments, and that the Applicant must contact Aquarion and determine what requirements they have for this project.

g. assurance of positive storm water drainage and snow-melt run-off from buildings, driveways and from all parking and loading areas on the site, and prevention of erosion, sedimentation and storm water pollution and management problems through site design and erosion controls in accordance with the most current versions of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Storm Water Management Policy and Standards, and Massachusetts Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines.

The Board found that All peer review comments have been addressed.

h. protection of natural and historic features including minimizing: the volume of cut and fill, the number of removed trees of 6 inches caliper or larger, the removal of stone walls, and the obstruction of scenic views from publicly accessible locations;

The Board found that the view of the water and shipyard will be substantially blocked by this building.
i. minimizing unreasonable departure from the character and scale of buildings in the vicinity or as previously existing on or approved for the site.

The Board found that the Applicant has stated an intent to have photographic murals on the building to help break up the massing. Murals should be photographs and not text, and should be chosen from the historic photos provided by the town.

Upon a motion made by William Ramsey and seconded by Gordon Carr, the Board voted 4-0 to APPROVE Site Plan Review for Russo Marine, as presented at the hearing and shown on the plans titled “SITE PLAN SET RUSSO MARINE 335 LINCOLN STREET HINGHAM, MA” prepared for 291 MYSTIC LLC 10 HUTCHINSON DRIVE DANVERS, MA 01923, prepared by Cavanaro Consulting, dated 12/12/17, revised to 2/5/18, 3 sheets, based on the findings, and subject to the following conditions:

1. If existing trees or landscaped buffer along Essington or Shipyard Drives fail or are removed the applicant shall replicate the buffer on his site for the same screening effect.
2. Fire Department comments of 1/8/18 shall be satisfied prior to CO, and/or are conditions of this approval.
3. Outside lighting shall be dark sky compliant with recessed or full cut off, shielded lenses.
4. If cut through traffic becomes a problem in the opinion of the Chief or Police or the applicant, they will work together with the Fire Prevention Officer to identify a solution.
5. If a gate is added to the site the Fire Prevention Officer must also be involved in the discussion to ensure adequate access for fire trucks is maintained.
6. Frequent parking of cars outside of designated parking spaces would indicate additional parking is needed, and a modification of the permits would be required.
7. 22 spaces are shown. If additional spaces are needed or if the use changes such that more parking may be needed the applicant must modify the site plan and special permit.
8. Trees along Lincoln Street shall be planted no closer than 5’ to the existing sidewalk.
9. Trees shall be SKYLINE HONEY LOCUST or TREE LILAC variety, minimum 3” dbh, as they are the most salt tolerant, and for the first 5 winters the new trees shall be winterized in the fall with burlap protection, and, the wax paraffin spray to help the trees become more salt tolerant and improve the likelihood of survival.
10. If any trees planted do not survive they shall be replaced the following planting season.
11. Sewer Department comments of 1/9/18 must be satisfied prior to CO.
12. The HMLP easement, as detailed in the 1/3/18 comments must be provided prior to CO.
13. Applicant shall contact Aquarion as part of the building permit process.
14. Police details may be required at the discretion of the police chief to assist construction vehicles.
15. A preconstruction meeting is required with town planning staff, police chief, and construction manager on site to review the erosion control installation, discuss schedule and any need for police support. This must be at least two weeks prior to start of work.
16. An as-built plan, in hardcopy and electronic format, is required prior to CO to demonstrate construction of utilities, drainage and building in substantial compliance with the approved plans. The As-built may be reviewed by the peer review engineer at the expense of the applicant.
17. Applicant shall install trees as required in “d” above and 4 photographic murals at a larger scale than depicted on the rendering so as to utilize most of the area between the portholes to help break up the massing of the building and reduce the visual impact.
18. Applicant shall work with staff to determine the final scale of the murals. Photographs shall be chosen from historic photos provided by the town and shall not duplicate existing murals.

Jennifer M. Gay Smith
Chairman, Hingham Planning Board
EXECUTED this ____ day of February, 2018

In favor: Carr, Gay Smith, Corey, Ramsey
Opposed: none

Cc: Clerk; Fire; Police; Assessor; Building; John Cavanaro; BOH; ZBA; S. King, BL Companies;


EXECUTED this ______ day of February, 2018


Plymouth, ss February _____, 2018

Then personally appeared Jennifer M. Gay Smith, Chairman of the Hingham Planning Board, and acknowledged the foregoing to be the free act and deed of said Board.

Mary F. Savage-Dunham, Notary Public
My Commission Expires: October 29, 2021