How do I sign up for e-billing on

You will need your new account number to register via

  • Go to
  • On the right side of the home page you will see an option to “Register”
  • Select Residential or Business and proceed to set up your account

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1. What is the new phone number for WRWS Customer Service?
2. Will account numbers or payment methods change?
3. How do I pay my Weir River Water System bill?
4. What are the customer service center hours?
5. What is
6. How do I sign up for e-billing on
7. What services are offered at the new customer service center?
8. Who do I contact with questions about my bill?
9. Can SUEZ customer service pull up my account history?
10. Who do I contact to obtain the documents needed to apply for a new water service or a water main extension?
11. What is the irrigation schedule?
12. How will I be notified about alerts or outages?
13. Who do I contact to start or stop service?
14. I have a seasonal water meter. Who do I contact to have it installed/removed?
15. Who do I contact with service questions or water issues (water main break, discolored water)?
16. What are my rights as a water customer?
17. I have a Safety Valve Water Line Protection Plan. Will my coverage be affected in any way by the transition?