How did you choose the exterior design of the building?

The exterior design of this building has evolved over the year. The current design is based on the input from the public, the design team, and the location where it will reside.  The Town of Hingham is making an effort for all buildings and developments in Historic Hingham Shipyard, pictured below in the 1940s, to have a continued representation of this area, to celebrate and remember its historic contribution. We believe the current proposed exterior design meets these goals.

1941 Hingham Shipyard

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1. How did you choose the exterior design of the building?
2. Where is the proposed Hingham Public Safety Facility Building site?
3. Why do we need to build a new Public Safety Facility?
4. What is the expected construction timeline?
5. What are the sustainability goals for the project?
6. Have any cost cutting measures been taken so far during the design phase?
7. How many garage bays will there be?
8. What will the exterior design look like(3 pictures)?
9. What happens if the project is not approved?
10. Will the fire apparatus be able to navigate the Lincoln street safely?
11. Will we have to buy new fire trucks for this new station?
12. Will we have to hire more firefighters to staff the new station?
13. How may I find answers to additional questions that were not answered here?