What happens if the proposed override doesn’t pass?

If the override does not pass this spring, the Town will need to contract services and reduce personnel to lower its FY24 expenditures by $6,015,216 beginning July 1, 2023.  Approximately $3.9 million, including 46.1 FTEs, will come from the School Department and approximately $2.1 million, including 19.4 FTEs, will come from the municipal departments.  The reductions would affect a number of service areas as outlined below. 

Hingham Public Schools

  • Reduce approximately 46.1 FTEs across all schools, including teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and administrative assistants 
  • Reduce curriculum materials, textbooks, and materials for students 
  • Eliminate sub-varsity sports at the High School and after-school clubs at the Middle School
  • Increase fees for athletics and full-day kindergarten
  • Institute new fees for transportation grades 6-12, High School activities, and elementary instrumental music

General Government Services

  • Reduce support for Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Affordable Housing Trust, and related applicants/projects 
  • Significantly slow economic development efforts – limit capacity to increase tax base  
  • Slow sustainability initiatives 
  • Reduce support for Select Board, Town Administrator, and boards/committees – decrease capacity and efficiency across Town
  • Reduce support for department heads and their missions
  • Close GAR Hall to the public; close 308 Cushing Street 
  • Decrease maintenance of municipal facilities
  • Reduce GIS capacity to manage spatial data for strategic decision making 
  • Reduce Town’s ability to effectively communicate with the public 

Public Safety

  • Reduce Police support to schools – safety and security, presence at drop-off and pick-up, traffic safety, community and youth relations, DARE program, classroom curriculum
  • Diminish ability to support community members with mental health crises 
  • Reduce Animal Control response capabilities  
  • Reduce support for Police administration – slow Police Department accreditation process
  • Decrease Fire minimum staffing from 11 to 9 for certain shifts: remove one engine or ambulance from service per affected shift; increase response times, beyond normal standards; exacerbate remaining staff stress
  • Eliminate Fire CPR training for school and municipal employees 

Public Works

  • Reduce trash and recycling pickup, mowing of fields, maintenance of public grounds and parks, support for special/community events, and tree planting  
  • Delay filling of potholes
  • Limit line painting 
  • Transfer Station: Close Yard Waste Area 1-2 days per week and trash compactors/trailers 

Human Services

  • Decrease ability to provide public health services
  • Eliminate Town social worker position – decrease support for community wellness and mental health needs
  • Significantly reduce Senior Center transportation program – affects senior community’s ability to attend appointments, events, and programs 

Culture & Recreation

  • Eliminate Town-wide field maintenance program 
  • Close Hingham Public Library on Sundays
  • Reduce children’s and other programs offered at Library - potentially jeopardizes Library certification (OCLN network and grant funding)
  • Diminish Town ceremonies marking holidays and historical events

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