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Master Plan Comments

  1. The Planning Board initiated the update of the Comprehensive Master Plan to help our town identify needs and priorities as we prepare for the next decade. The guidance from our fellow citizens is essential to the Planning Board as we address current and future challenges that come before us. The last time our town adopted a Master Plan was in 2001. Much has changed over the past seventeen plus years, and the pace of change seems only to accelerate. Town Meeting 2019 voted to authorize the funds for the update of the Comprehensive Master Plan and to establish a Master Plan Committee with the approval of Article 36.

    The Master Plan Committee (MPC) will play an advisory role to the Planning Board in the development of the Plan, and welcomes your thoughts and comments during the process. The MPC encourages your participation at the many public meetings and events that will be scheduled and also offers this on-line form for you to share your thoughts as well.

  2. Note: Any comments made are public and will be provided to the Master Plan Committee (MPC) and may be posted on the website with other public comments. The MPC will not be responding directly to comments submitted here but will read them all.

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