Sewer Department

Related Board: Sewer Commission


Bills are sent to sewer users twice a year. The fall bill is a minimum of $175 or the cost of usage based on the first 2 quarters of water consumption, whichever is greater. The spring bill is based on actual water consumption for the entire previous calendar year adjusted for any payment made in the fall. The sewer use fee for Fiscal Year 2022 is $14.06/100 CF of water.

Billing is based upon 100% of water use however, the use of dedicated meters to measure non-sewer deposited water for consumption adjustment is allowed when permitted through the sewer department.

Online bill payment is now available through Unipay

Sump Pumps

Connection of sump pumps to the sewer system is strictly prohibited. Sump pumps contribute substantially to excess water (I & I or Inflow and Infiltration) in the system and add to the annual user fees in the NSD and may result in heavy fines in the WRSD.

Those considering purchasing a home in Hingham will want to have any illicit sump pump connections identified and re- routed before purchase.