Weir River Sewer District

District Information

Of the approximately 164 service connections in Phase I of the Weir River Sewer District (WRSD), 74 of them utilize a low-pressure grinder pump. The remainder of connections are gravity fed sewers, most of them are on Hull Street, Canterbury Street and Rockland Street.
All the flow from this area is pumped to the Hull Sewer Treatment Plant.

Phase I Streets Covered

  • Bonnie Brier Circle
  • Canterbury Street
  • Chestnut Place
  • Chestnut Road
  • Cliff Road
  • Hull Street
  • Meadow Road
  • Oak Road
  • Rockland Street
Phase II Streets Covered
  • Kilby Street
  • Oak Street
  • Pine Street
  • Powers Lane
  • Ringbolt Road
  • Roc Fall Road
  • Rockland Street
  • Spruce Street
  • Summer Street
  • Weir Street Ext

Stations in District

  • The West Corner Station