ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan

The Town of Hingham is completing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan. Under Title II of the ADA, the Town is required to complete a self-evaluation of the Town’s public facilities, programs, services, activities and events to determine compliance with the ADA and identify any barriers to accessibility. Once the Self-Evaluation is complete, the Town will develop a Transition Plan to prioritize the identified barriers and how they will be corrected. 

The Town launched this project with planning grant funding provided by the Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD).  The Town hired the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD) to assist with the self-evaluation process.

Next Steps - We Need Your Feedback

The Town currently has a draft Self-Evaluation & Transition Plan.  Once the Plan is finalized, the Town will become eligible for project grant funding, through the MOD, to implement accessibility improvements. Going forward, the Town will:

  • Seek public comment on the draft self-evaluation documents  
    Please review the draft project documents, below. We invite you to submit questions or comments in the ADA Self Evaluation Feedback Form. Comments are welcome through Friday, May 26, 2023.

  • Conduct a Public Hearing
    During this hearing, the IHCD team will summarize draft Self-Evaluation documents and accept public feedback.  The date for this meeting has not yet been determined.

  • Present the final Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan to the Select Board
    At a future meeting, the Select Board will accept a presentation on the project and decide whether to vote to accept the Self Evaluation & Transition Plan.. 

Note on Report Documents

Please see two versions of many of the posted files.  In addition to the PDF files, the Microsoft Word and Excel files are provided for people who need accessible versions of the reports.

Draft Documents - Self Evaluation

Municipal Buildings & Facilities

School Reports

Draft Documents - Transition Plan

Add-On Sidewalk Analysis

The Town requested an ADA assessment of select sidewalks and walkways as an add-on to this project, using Town funds.  The survey of the sidewalks, pedestrian crossings and curb ramps was performed through use of a geographic Information system (GIS). The survey included approximately 2.7 miles of sidewalk.  Two areas were surveyed:

  • Area by Hingham Town Hall, includes Central Street between Main Street and Garrison Road, Garrison Road between Central and Main Streets, Main Street between Garrison Road and Central Street, Leavitt Street between Main and East Streets and East Street between Leavitt Street and the crosswalk in front of the Hingham Public Library. 

  • Area by downtown Hingham; includes North Street between Central Street and Route 3A, South Street between the CVS pharmacy crosswalk and North Street, Central Street between North and South Streets, Main Street between North and Elm Streets, Station Street between North and Water Streets, Water Street between Route 3A and the train tracks, and Mill Street between North and Water Streets. 

 This deliverable includes:

  • An online map portraying accessibility issues on evaluated sidewalks.  Look for the “View Map” button, to the right.
  • An online GIS dashboard that identifies accessibility issues by category.  Look for the “View Dashboard” button to the right.