Permits and Inspections

The Fire Prevention office issues permits and conducts inspections for a variety of regulated industries.  All forms, including those for Blasting, Propane, Flammable and Combustible Storage, Underground Storage Tank Installation and Removals, etc. can be found through the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services' Division of Fire Safety

Search the Department of Fire Services' Division of Fire Safety for the required permit.
Completed forms should be returned to:
Hingham Fire Prevention
339 Main Street
Hingham MA, 02043
Email Fire Prevention

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors


  • One smoke detector at the base of any stairway
  • One smoke/CO detector within 10 feet of any sleeping area
  • All smoke detectors must be photoelectric with a sealed 10 year battery that is non replaceable and non rechargeable. Must have a silence or hush function. This is the only acceptable detector for the mandatory detectors. Should one choose to have additional detectors that is at the owners discretion and can be whatever they choose.
  • If a residence has greater than 1000 sq/ft of living space on a single level a second detector is required.
  • Hardwired photoelectric detectors throughout are acceptable and ionization is not required.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector required on every floor of the structure .
  • Combo detectors require either a voice mode or distinctive tones to identify the hazard
  • For hardwired systems prior to August 2008 battery or plug in CO detectors are acceptable. After that they are required to be hardwired.

Smoke Alarm / Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector Inspections

  • 24 Hours advanced notice required for an inspection. 
  • Certificate is valid for 60 days and cost is $50

Related to a current Building Permit

For occupancy, new construction and renovations please call Fire Prevention directly at 781-741-1488. 

All other Residential Smoke Detector Inspections

  • 24 hour advance notice is required. 
  • Inspections are scheduled Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:30 to 11:00 am.
  • Inspections are done Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays, from 1-4pm. 
  • Dates can be scheduled but not specific times as emergency calls have priority. 
  • These guidelines apply to inspections related to the sale of a residential home.

Request a Smoke Detector Inspection Online or call 781-741-1488 Option1 to leave a message.