Street Opening Permit

Street Opening Permits

A Street Opening Permit (PDF) is required for any work within the layout of a Public Way in the Town of Hingham. 

This includes the installation or alteration of 

  • driveways 
  • utility lines or services
  • stonewalls,  fences or other structures
  • or any project that result in changes in drainage patterns

In general, the public utility company is responsible for obtaining the necessary Street Opening Permit for service installation. A handbook entitled "Rules and Regulations Governing Street Excavations" may be obtained at the Public Works Office, 25 Bare Cove Park Drive. It should be noted that except for emergencies, a public-way may not be opened for a period of 5 years following resurfacing or reconstruction. Additionally, a Winter Moratorium on all street openings is in effect November 15th through April 15th every year.